Monthly Closing Dates

Monthly Closing Dates

You can now earn 5.40%* annually on your investment while enabling God’s Kingdom to grow by providing churches and pastors with mortgages.

For any investments to new or existing accounts, you must first contact Capstone Asset Management at 1-855-437-7103 to fill out some paperwork (called a Subscription Agreement) prior to sending funds to us. You can also ask them about setting up monthly contributions.

After completing your Subscription Agreement, you can send your funds to us by any of the ways listed below. Funds need to be cleared and in our bank account by closing date each month to be eligible for that month’s interest earnings.

Please note: due to a technical issue, the May 2023 closing for new investments will be delayed until June 29, 2023

Our deadlines for June 2023 are as follows:

  • The closing date is Thursday, June 29
  • Last day for signing Subscription Agreements is Tuesday, June 27
  • Online banking must be sent by Tuesday, June 27
  • Regular cheques must be received by us by Wednesday, June 21
  • Bank drafts, money orders, or certified cheques must be received by us by Tuesday, June 27

To learn more please call us at 888.669.6575.

*Rates are adjusted semi-annually on January 1 and July 1 each year. See Frequently Asked Questions for more details. 

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